Ethical Business Practice

Fonecare Fonecare is not Authorised service center for HP laptops.If your laptop is under Warranty we suggest you to visit HP laptop Authorised service center. Repairing your laptops with Fonecare will void the warranty of your phone.adopts the best ethical business practices when it comes to gadget repairs. Fonecare has a very strong processes and security arrangements which ensures that your valuable device is in safe hands.

Today the  pain point that we address is basically the post-warranty market, when consumers typically have to struggle to locate a trustworthy service center. When your gadget turns out warranty, the best option is either to search for the classifieds for any local repair store down the street or perhaps send your gadget to the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) service center. The former is undoubtedly an risky and untrustworthy option whilst the second option is expensive. With local repair there is always a fear that they may steal or replace some parts like motherboard, LCD, camera, battery, etc and customers may not even notice it.

With Fonecare, you are assured that:

  1. Your data is safe and not misused.
  2. Your device is not further damaged.
  3. Not a single part from your device is removed in case your device is unrepaired.




HP laptop repairs made simple. Fonecare offers high quality and very competitively priced HP laptops repair services in Mumbai and all accross India.


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Fonecare is not Authorised service center for HP laptop and other laptop Brands. Neither Fonecare is associated with HP laptop and other laptop Brands. Fonecare is an independent 3rd party laptop service center.